Latest top android games

latest top android games

Whether you're new to Android and need some fresh, new games to start building out your Google Play library or simply looking for the latest. Here are the best Android games for your tablet or smartphone. features and physical controller support included in the latest release. Let's take a look at the best new Android games from the last month! You can watch the videos on YouTube from passed months by clicking. Modern Combat 5 , the latest in Gameloft's mobile homage to grown-up home console FPS franchises, in which you gun about the place alone or in online multiplayer matches. Firstly, remember that you won't have just one game on the go at any one time. This War of Mine is so good that we awarded it the best game released in OK, technically, Micro Machines was launched for Android right at the end of September, but we missed it - and it's freaking Micro Machines! The suggestions below lean towards the casual gamer, but a number of others in this list Eternium: Over time, you learn how this can urge the blob to move in certain ways, or how you can split it in two, so half can flick a switch, while the other half moves onward.

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Top 10 LATEST Android games of the Week latest top android games Heart Star is a cute puzzle platformer with a simple concept: Some can be squashed and smacked with Doug's spade goodbye, creepy spider! It's a really polished game that's perfect for those who are gluttons for punishing platformers. It shouldn't really work, but kostenlos merkur spielen Lara Croft GO feels like a Tomb Raider game, roll up bet least because of the wonderful sense of atmosphere, regular moments of tension, and superb level design. Clash of Clans free Clash of Clans is another oldie that has stood the test of time. Cave-ins aren't the only threat, though - the bowels of the earth happen to be home to a surprising array of deadly monsters. The Room is a series about mysteries within mysteries. I went to download Star Knight but it had the biggest access request list I've ever seen. You can build multiple decks and Blizzard has been pretty good with putting out regular updates to add more cards and content. If you love those little yellow things you'll love Minion Rush. They also have stories that change based on player decisions. The latest game in The Room series is just as big of a hit as its predecessors and they remain among the best Android games. Google Pixel International Giveaway! The developers have added plenty of expansions over time. If you've played Laser Dog's previous efforts, PUK and ALONE…, you'll know what you're in for with HoPiKo. Even early levels are merciless, punishing a single slip up, and forcing you back to the start. Pinball reinvented as an endless runner of sorts, PinOut has you smash a ball ever onwards while a timer relentlessly counts down. Without further delay, here are the best Android games available right now! The game also comes with save and load game functionality for multiple files so you can play many times at once. Diggy's Adventure makes it onto this list of games to check out thanks to its sheer variety of different puzzles and tasks you need to complete to progress through the game. Note that Horizon Chase gives you five tracks for free. For anyone that prefers their races short and on two wheels, Dirt Xtreme is a new game that pitches a great balance of exciting races with challenging courses. Of course, you have full control over the timeline and can jump to any point in time and change an aspect of the level. Micro Machines includes lots of features to keep you coming back. Ninjas, it's time to enter Master Chen's Tournament of Elements.